Mother-Daughter, Friends, Fashionistas: Enjoying Style with Your Daughter

That mother and daughter relationship that so many of us cherish, can sometimes get a little tested when they head out together to the mall for a shopping trip.

Different tastes and maybe differing opinions on what constitutes style and good taste can sometimes test even the most watertight mother and daughter bonds. Here is a look at how to be friends and fashionistas together and enjoy embracing style with your daughter.

Don’t just shop until you drop

Take a bit of time to talk over what you are both going to be shopping for and do a bit of advance planning for which stores you are going to visit. As well as planning your day ahead for shopping, make sure you set aside some time for something to diffuse any potential tension, such as a leisurely lunch or a visit to your favorite ice cream stand for a girlie treat.

Shared experience online

It is worth mentioning at this stage that plenty of stores are starting to embrace the special mother-daughter relationship shopping experience with shared coupons and by using social platforms.

Moms and their daughters now get the opportunity to follow the same retailers on social media platforms like Facebook and this means that they can trade photos and ideas and also create joint pin boards of looks and items that they planning to shop for. You might spot an accessory like handwriting jewelry that you know that your daughter would love the look of, and share the link so you can talk about and share a shopping experience online as well as when you visit the mall.

Some of the big department stores have a chat function on their online stores. Your daughter can show you the shortlist of dresses she would like for a special occasion. You may even get the chance to comment or pre-order them before you leave the house. This means you can head straight to the store knowing what you are going to be choosing from already, which can help make the day a lot easier and give you time for that leisurely lunch.

Communication skills

No matter how easy the process of shopping becomes by browsing or shopping online, your role as mother includes possessing good communication skills as well as all the other attributes you are naturally expected to have.

As a mom, you have years of shopping experience over your daughter but just as style clashes are almost inevitable due to the age gap, you need to find a good way of communicating so that both you and your daughter feel like your opinions has been listened to. Always give your daughter the airtime to explain herself about why she thinks her choice is best. Remember that opposing viewpoints, while tough to deal with at times, are one of the things that can really bond mother and daughter together.

Most moms seem to find a way to agree to disagree with their daughter and move on without too many harsh words. This is even more true when you consider that over 80% of women report having good relationships with their mothers at mid-life. So falling out over a dress is usually only a temporary crisis and it is worth keeping this in mind.

There are now so many ways to enjoy style with your daughter, so embrace the technology and the different ways now available to enjoy shopping together. You can even chat about it online afterwards.

Newsy is a busy mother of three kids. With a penchant for modern style and a keen grasp of motherhood, she enjoys blogging about fashion for today’s moms.

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